Our Solutions

Enterprise Network Solutions for Any Industry

Comsys is a trusted provider of comprehensive enterprise network solutions designed to meet the unique needs of any industry. We understand that in today's digital age, a reliable and efficient network infrastructure is essential for businesses to thrive and maintain a competitive edge. With our erpertise and cutting-edge technologies, we empower organizations across various sectors to achieve their digital transformation goals and optimize their operations.



Our WAN solutions are designed to connect your geographically dispersed offices, branches, agencies and remote locations. With our expertise in network design, implementation and security we build robust infrastructure within internal environments, across locations and geographies that enables secure data transfer. By leveraging MPL (Multi Protocol Layered Switching) we DELIVER INDUSTRY standard services over certified networks by certified professionals.



COMSYS offers comprehensive data center solutions to support organizations harness the power of Cloud and Big Data. Our expertise go beyond just securing your data to storage, efficient power, standards, hosting and all transmitted through our self owned dedicated fiber infrastructure to any location.

Leading to an end-to-end data center solution customizable to meet your business needs.



Comsys offers reliable and high-performance Dedicated Internet solutions tailored to meet the connectivity needs of any business. We can deliver any capacity to any location even including on Dark Fiber. Our capacities can be enjoyed on demand basis to foster any business needs with 247 monitoring services and expertise to ensure guaranteed uptime over 98%.

Our Dedicated Internet capacities are resilient by design up to the last mile.



Comsys offers Very Small Aperture Terminal (V-SAT) solutions across the C, KU, KA, and LEO bands. Our expertise spans across almost two decades of specialization in these various technologies as they are discovered and evolved over time. With installations across the West African subregion you can trust in our best quality service, support and solutions on V-SAT technologies for your business.



Comsys prides in security hence ensures to design all solutions leveraging on modern security tools. As a result Comsys infrastructure can be relied upon in this age of threats to networks.



Comsys offers complete, affordable UC solutions fir small to mid-size and large businesses. These services enhance productivity as well as save cost to users. Comsys UC solutions can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, aloowing businesses to select the best option for their needs. From PBX to phones, Apps, Desktop and Mobile devices, Comsys’ solutions fully integrate to provide complete interoperable solution from one vendor.