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In 1998, ComSys was established to provide to provide network security, integration and management services. The company was managing service providers on behalf of client and building secured network platforms its customers.

In 2002, ComSys commenced data network services having received authorization from the National Communication Authority to provide Public Data and Internet Services.

Today ComSys has Data Network coverage based on MPLS technology over the entire West African sub-region via Fibre, VSAT and microwave.

…And Our Future

As we move forward, we intend to continue to find innovative solutions to tomorrow’s communications challenges. We have doubled our collective knowledge and gained cultural and professional diversity that promises potential beyond anything previously imagined. As we look ahead, our customers will depend on our people, our networks, our technical leadership and commercial innovation for seamless, secure and easy access to network resources.


“To provide real-time solutions unparallel telecom and IT services through highly skilled and empowered personnel”.


“Is to realize the vision statement of the company by focusing on our clients’ needs and to provide them with first class-customized services”.


Our network is among the smartest in the region and is the only network with true geographic divestiture. This helps in delivering high network reliability, high bandwidth for customer products as demanded. Since our entire data network is built with automatic failover, global standards MPLS and metro Ethernet, your data isn’t just secured in case of disaster, it’s accessible and operational.

With an outstanding network in Ghana, and global partnerships with manufacturers backing us, we can deliver data to and from Ghana to any market in Africa all day every day. We designed our services this way so you can focus on your business while we focus on your business communications and the security of your sensitive company data.

Not only does Comsys help you deliver the connectivity service you and your customers demand, we also help you innovate.